Year 9 Camp to Arnhem Land

It has been wonderful to welcome back the Yr 9 students and staff who took part in the Indigenous Cultural Immersion trip to Arnhem Land and to hear about the significance of their time with the Yolŋu people and how much they gained from the experience. There have been numerous emails of gratitude shared and the comments below from Krishna Gupta highlight the importance of the program.

I have been honoured to visit Arnhem Land in the past week, and I am writing to express my gratitude. I thoroughly enjoyed discovering the Yolŋu law system and kinship, and making friends with several of the Yolŋu citizens. I have gained a deeper understanding and heartfelt respect for these people. The connections among their community and the kindness they displayed whilst providing this experience for us Yr 9 students is simply unforgettable.’

Our sincere thanks to Culture College for their partnership in facilitating this memorable experience and to our dedicated team of staff who gave so much of themselves to support the program and make it possible.

18 Nov 2022
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