Strategic Plan

Redlands Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2021 – 2025

We are delighted to share the Redlands Strategic Plan which will guide the direction of our School for the next five years. As we have developed our Strategic Plan we have asked ourselves what skills and attributes will our young people need to acquire to enable them to thrive in an increasingly uncertain and complex world.

At the heart of our Strategic Plan is a continued commitment to the development of strong literacy and numeracy skills which form the basis for our students to acquire knowledge and pursue academic excellence. Real learning and deep understanding are nurtured within a culture that encourages critical thinking, problem solving, creativity and collaboration.

Since 1884, Redlands has always been willing to press forward to embrace the future. This culture continues today and is reflected in our Strategic Plan which aims to enrich the learning experience for our students through five strategic drivers: a Culture of Innovation, Personal Excellence, Quality Staff, a Culture of Wellbeing and Sustainable Facility Development. These drivers will guide us in nurturing every student to achieve their potential and support our aspiration for Redlands as a leading contemporary and innovative school inspiring students to adapt, create and thrive in our complex global community.

Our Strategic Plan is underpinned by our Vision, Mission and Values and reflects our focus on providing best practice education founded on worldwide research, highlighting our growing leadership within the global education community and our inherent commitment to innovation and forward thinking.

While the five year time frame gives us the opportunity to achieve important milestones, we acknowledge and will adapt to the significant influence of the rapid rate of change in our increasingly globalised world and ongoing feedback from the Redlands community.

We are excited about the journey our School will take in the next five years and look forward to working with all members of the Redlands community in implementing this Strategic Plan.

Glenda McLoughlin, Chair
Stephen Webber, Principalย