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Careers at Redlands: At Redlands, we invite talented and passionate individuals to become part of a well-respected and innovative learning community.

A Redlands teacher and two Junior School students in a classroom

We encourage and support our employees to fulfil their potential by investing in their professional development and supporting their wellbeing, as well as providing a flexible and autonomous work environment, competitive compensation, meaningful benefits and recognition of contribution.

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Our people are offered the opportunity to explore new possibilities and make a real difference to the lives of our students and our community. Join our committed team and experience working in a nurturing and productive environment, helping shape the leaders of tomorrow.

Redlands is an equal opportunity employer.

Redlands teacher with two Preparatory School students in a classroom

Meet our

We believe that our team is the greatest asset to our School and understand that this extends well beyond the classroom. Learn more about what makes a Redlands career so rewarding by viewing testimonials from our team:

Redlands teacher with two Secondary School students

Naoko Abe: Assistant Subject Coordinator

I have been a member of Redlands Staff for over 2 decades. It is a privilege to work in such a warm and vibrant community that is always welcoming students and staff from different backgrounds. No matter where you are from, what language you speak at home, Redlands always gives a sense of belonging, ensuring you that you are in the right place and being part of a diverse culture.

One of the greatest assets of Redlands is its renowned language teaching programs. I strongly value Redlands’ long history of offering a wide range of language programmes. This is one of the key differences from many other schools in NSW. As a passionate language teacher, I have had the opportunity to orchestrate language tours overseas as well as connecting the sister school programme with Japan. These language programmes offer students and staff International Mindedness which echoes Redlands core values.

Over the years, I have proudly witnessed changes undergone through the school. These include cutting edge teaching methodologies with world-leading educational practices, personal excellence in staff and students, offering state of art facilities. Redlands is a place of work where there is constant innovation and the staff are given encouragement and opportunities to develop professionally. I am grateful to Redlands for always providing me with the opportunity to grow further as an educator. With both Pastoral and Academic leadership experiences, it has also allowed me to explore many opportunities in curriculum development in NESA and IB as well as a Presenter at National and International conferences.

I look forward to continuing to be part of the Redlands community and am excited about what Redlands will bring in the future.

Redlands Preparatory School teacher answering a question from a student

Matthew Price: Prep School Teacher

One of the best things about working at Redlands is the school community. I felt supported and valued from the moment I arrived. My colleagues have supported my efforts to grow professionally, and the parent community has been extremely kind and generous. I thoroughly enjoy every day as a member of this community. It is a safe environment where I am surrounded by wonderful, caring colleagues. I have access to a wide range of modern and up to date resources, a beautiful school campus, and I am a part of an awesome wider school community.

The culture of Redlands has allowed me to pursue learning opportunities to help me develop as a teacher and a person. There is a strong support network and a friendly, professional atmosphere that makes me feel like I can try new things without the fear of failing. I am proud to work at a school like Redlands. I am proud to tell people I work at Redlands. As someone who was new to the Sydney community, I have quickly discovered that Redlands has a very positive reputation in the wider community. I strive to live up to these expectations both at and outside of school.

Sandra Axam: Junior School Teacher

Every school is unique and throughout my career, each one has helped me grow and enrich my practice in myriad ways. At Redlands, I am inspired by the depth of experience and ingenuity of my colleagues. Whether it’s offering pastoral advice to better support a student, or sharing a new resource, the common thread is a collegial staff that values student wellbeing above all else.

As for the students, they expect to be challenged, stimulated, and supported. The process of peeling back the layers of our thinking in a bid to deepen understanding, is one that is embedded in the culture of the school, across year groups.  When a student can sit with the discomfort of an unfamiliar concept, lean into it and persist, knowing that the ‘ah-ha’ or ‘lightbulb’ moment is within reach…that’s pretty special.

Redlands Catering Manager standing in the School's canteen

Joel Squire: Canteen and Catering Supervisor

I have enjoyed every minute of it of working at Redlands. I can honestly say I look forward to coming to work and being able to make a difference for our students and faculty alike. The relationships and learning that comes with my position keeps me engaged, challenged and proud of the work I do. Since joining Redlands, I have been empowered to advance my knowledge and continue to grow in my role. 

The approach in which Redlands’ senior management and the HR team have dealt with the pandemic shows that Redlands instils a culture that puts their employees and students first. The constant care, communication, engagement and compassion is always at the forefront.


All Applicants Must:

  • Have or be willing to obtain a paid NSW Working with Children Check
  • Have the right to work in Australia either as an Australian citizen, permanent resident or relevant visa holder

Teachers must also have a teaching degree and NESA teaching accreditation. If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact our Human Resources team.