Learning Together,
Leading Together

As one of the leading coeducation schools in Sydney, the Redlands learning environment fosters mutual respect between boys and girls and prepares students to make a natural transition to life after school.


Students are ready to take their place within and contribute to a society which has equal footing for all genders. By learning together, both within and beyond the classroom, our students share a diversity of ideas and experiences to broaden their perspectives and they gain experience in leading all genders.

An Inclusive Environment

Redlands prides itself on its inclusive, diverse, coeducational environment, where each individual student is valued and encouraged to let their light shine brightly – at school and beyond. We have offered a coeducational learning environment since 1978, where students question traditional viewpoints, developing a wider perspective, preparing them for today’s world outside of school.


A Contemporary Education

Our graduates are prepared to make a natural transition to their tertiary studies and careers, and to embrace the challenges and new opportunities that lie ahead with confidence.

Studies have shown the wide-ranging benefits of coeducation, which include the following areas:

Academic Benefits

By learning together, our students are exposed to a diverse range of ideas and different viewpoints that broaden their experience and improve their academic performance, as boys and girls often have different perspectives on current events and issues.

Leadership Benefits

Our students gain valuable experience in leading all genders, with all the major leadership roles having joint positions – School Captains, Arts Captains, Sports Captains, Environment Captains, Service Captains, House Captains.

Interpersonal Benefits

Our coeducational learning environment encourages mutual respect between all genders and develops emotional intelligence, maturity and inclusiveness; all attributes required for life after school. Students feel they can be themselves and therefore are happy and motivated to do well.

Life After School

For more than 40 years, Redlands coeducational environment has helped to develop well-rounded and confident young adults with the emotional intelligence, maturity and inclusiveness that are critical for life after school.