Sustainability at

Since 1884, Redlands has always been willing to press forward to embrace the future. This culture continues today and is reflected in our Strategic Plan which aims to enrich the learning experience for our students.


At Redlands, our strategic intent is to reduce our carbon footprint and manage our energy, water, waste, and biodiversity resources sustainably. We have a strategic commitment to sustainably managing the facilities and grounds of the School whilst continually engaging our students and the wider community in this endeavour.


61.04xKW solar panel system on the Junior Campus – which has led to the reduction of 55.22 tonnes of CO2, which is the equivalent to planting 1494 trees, removing 10,887 cars from the road for one year or powering 6028 homes’ energy for one year. LED lights on all 3 campuses, which has led to a reduction of 131.62 tonnes of CO2 annually, equating to 6 cars off the road per year or powering 23.9 homes for a year. Energy monitoring sensors on the Junior Campus and Senior Campus, with additional light sensors installed.

Other achievements include:

  • Biodegradable packaging available in school canteens 
  • Single use plastics eliminated from the canteens
  • Climate Clever Schools membership 
  • Green and Recycling bin system introduced
  • Environment Captains in the Junior School and Secondary School
  • Second hand book and uniform sales
  • All copy paper is either 100% recyclable and/or carbon neutral paper

Working Group (SWG)

In Term 3, 2021, the SWG was established with Redlands staff and students:

Executive Members:

• Amy Cheung – Board Director
• Brad Weatherstone – Executive Sponsor
• Kimberlee Chipper – Chair
• Carty Haverhals – Sustainability Coordinator

Redlands Staff Members

• Sabine Partington
• Liz Green
• Romy Tobiansky
• Julia Hamilton
• Becci Hutchings
• Beth Gilroy
• Beatriz Troncoso

• Allegra Monckton
• Rupak Timalsina
• Kirsten Rolleston
• Georgia Smith
• Nadine Bermingham
• Usa Visutthisen
• Kathy Reid

Junior Campus Environment Captains

• Pearl Brown
• Calvin Macnab

Senior Campus Environment Captains

• Marina Viese Vivaldi
• Matthew Fry

The SWG meet twice a term to work on various sustainability initiatives and oversee sustainable change at Redlands. So far, the achievements of the SWG include:

  • Reviewing the Redlands electricity monitoring system
  • Inputting data into Climate Clever Schools, backdating to 2018
  • Developing a Sustainability Aspiration for Redlands
  • Completing a Junior Campus Waste Audit
  • Linking the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to areas of sustainability at Redlands
  • Organising the celebration of Call to Earth Day
  • Creating an Energy Focus Group and Waste Focus Group
  • Introducing sustainable school gardens through a program with David Harrington (
  • Introducing compost worm bins across all campuses, which are used by the canteens and the students.
  • Hosting Zero Emissions meeting for sustainable schools and presenting at North Sydney Council’s Sustainable Schools conference.
  • Introducing Return & Earn bins and coffee cup recycling across the campuses.
  • Introduce Sustainability lunchtime clubs and gardening clubs across the Prep, Junior, and Senior schools.
  • Student Environmental leaders speaking at the Building Better Education for Schools 2023.