Performing Arts

Performing Arts is an integral part of the life of the school and we offer a diverse program of skill development and authentic performance opportunities. Driven by our Vision, we offer a range of classical and contemporary programs across Dance, Music, Drama and Theatre. All of these programs allow our students to truly let their light shine.

Dance Academy

The unique Redlands Ballet and Dance Academy, established in 1998, is a nurturing and challenging environment enabling students to combine academic study with a full ballet and dance program. Over 230 students from Kindergarten to Year 12 participate in a broad range of dance genres. Dancers of all levels and abilities are inspired to understand, appreciate and love dance in a positively focussed environment.

With Classical Ballet training at the core of the program the Academy provides intensive training for high- aptitude students wishing to pursue a career in dance. We are proud to have current students enrolled in Australia’s most prestigious dance institutions such as The Australian Ballet School Interstate Training Program and Queensland Ballet’s Guest Academy Program. Graduates of the Academy have attended vocational schools including The Royal Ballet School, National Ballet of Canada, School of American Ballet and progressed to some of the world’s top companies such as The Australian Ballet, Royal Ballet, and New York City Ballet.

It is our mission to provide a solid base training as a steppingstone for Redlands Curriculum Dance with the development of our Contemporary Program that is to run alongside the Ballet Program.

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Curriculum Dance is offered for students as an elective from Years 8 -12, with both the HSC and IB (Standard Level and Higher Level) courses offered for Years 11 and 12. Students are taught the interrelated study of performance, composition and appreciation, learning about Safe Dance Technique, compositional processes and an aesthetic and cultural understanding of Dance as they investigate and appreciate the concerns and philosophy of various artists and their significance and contribution to the world of Dance and beyond.

Building Confidence

The Academy is in an innovative phase of development bringing fitness and wellbeing to the forefront of dance training. Our aim is to ensure every dancer receives the very best support and advice to produce strong, confident, and well-informed artists.

End of Year Performance

Performance Preparation is incorporated into all classes throughout the year in readiness for events such as Redlands Gala Arts Festival and various Sydney Eisteddfods. The End of Year Performance is the highlight of the year bringing all genres and age groups together.

A Range of Disciplines

Range of dance disciplines are available to Redlands students, including:

  • RAD Ballet
  • Classical Ballet Training
  • Pointe Preparation
  • Advanced Pointe
  • Repertoire
  • Contemporary
  • Character
  • Jazz
  • Tap
  • Pilates
  • Hip Hop

Drama and

Pervasive drama and theatre opportunities are offered at Redlands to challenge students in all year groups. Students are able to hone their stagecraft and passions with others, building resilience, confidence and empathy towards others. 

Star in a Production

Students are able to explore their singing, dancing, acting and productions skills through the yearly Senior School Musical. An invaluable experience for all students can perform on stage or operate the lighting and sound Past musicals have included Shrek, Strictly Ballroom, Wizard of Oz and Oliver! The Musical 

A real-world experience of a full two-act show housed in a professional venue demands commitment, organisation, rigour and stamina – though it never feels like hard work due to the thrill of taking part. The musical builds cross-year group relationships and allows us to truly “let our light shine”. Arts Captain Callum Wardman Brown 2022

Gala Arts Celebration

The Arts shares our understanding and experience of the world, showcasing passions and dreams with audiences. Gala Arts is a House Competition which allows students to compete head-to-head in a variety of Art disciplines such as Vocal, Instrumental, Acting, Musical Theatre and Art. Industry professionals attend the performance and decide on an overall winner.

Drama and Theatre

Extra-curricular and Co-curricular drama and theatre classes are available from Redlands House to Year 12. Students learn from industry professionals in acting, improvisation, film, musical theatre participating in inter-school competitions to perform class work. 

In Term 4, all Extra-curricular students participate in the annual Soiree Performance Celebration to showcase their work to the school community with fellow, students, friends and family, all welcome to come.

Curriculum Drama and Theatre

Students are able to participate in curriculum Drama from Year 8. They then have the opportunity to continue this passion in their senior studies through either the HSC Drama or IB Theatre course. Students learn to express dramatic through the use the elements of Drama to deepen meaning, as well as consolidating interpretative and symbolic work in the Drama forms of improvisation, movement, mime, storytelling, and play building. They interpret the meaning of their own Drama and that of others.


The study of Music fosters knowledge, understanding and skills that contribute to the lifelong processes of learning and the appreciation and enjoyment of music.

Music allows students to develop their capacity to manage their own learning, work together with others and engage in an activity that reflects the real world practice of musicians, performers, composers, musicologists and audiences.

Curriculum Music

Students at Redlands have exposure to music classes from Pre-School, where they are taught by a specialist Early Childhood Music teacher. In Year 2, all children have the opportunity to learn a string instrument (either violin, viola or cello) as part of the Year 2 Strings program.

In Years 4 and 5 the Music Instrumental Program (MIP) is a curriculum based “instrumental experience” designed to give students the opportunity to learn instruments in a group situation. All Year 4 and 5 students learn an instrument and play in ensembles in a group lesson for 60 minutes each week. The range of instruments available includes a wide range of Strings and Band Instruments. It provides the stepping stone for students to join the extensive extra-curricular music ensemble program offered at Redlands.

In Years 8-12, Music can be studied as an elective, with both HSC (Music 1, Music 2 and Music Extension) and IB (Standard Level and Higher Level) in Years 11-12.

Music Ensembles

Students in the Prep School can participate in the Prep Choir and Prep Strings. In Junior School the range of ensembles expands to include Junior Band, Junior Training Band, Junior Piano Trio and Junior Jazz Band, in addition to Junior Strings and Junior Choir.

Secondary School offers students the opportunity to participate in Redlands Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra, Stage Band, Concert Band, Jazz Band, Senior Choir, Broken Consort, Piano Trio, Drum Corp and the following ensembles: String, Wind, Guitar, Saxophone, Brass, Jazz Vocals, Chamber, Piano, Percussion and Flute.

Performance Opportunities

Regular opportunities are provided for performance in the Senior and Junior Music Festivals, in the annual School Musical, assemblies, curriculum concerts, soirees, open day sessions and Grandparent’s Day. Private music students also perform at lunchtime concerts and studio recitals.