At Redlands, we offer a holistic approach to education encompassing academic, wellbeing, sport, performing arts, leadership, spirituality, service and outdoor education. 


Redlands is a school in the Anglican tradition that seeks to give students the opportunity to explore the Christian faith. We warmly welcome families of all faiths and no faith to our School community, an environment of respect, understanding and acceptance.

Let Your Light Shine

Our aim is for students to become well-rounded, confident and compassionate citizens of the world, reflecting our School values and School motto, ‘Let your light shine’, a phrase taken from The Sermon on the Mount, ‘Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in Heaven’ (Matthew 5:16 NIV).  


Spiritual and Character

Throughout their Redlands education, students are given the opportunity to undertake spiritual and character development through:


Students and staff from Kindergarten to Year 12 gather regularly for Chapel delivered by our Junior and Senior Campus Chaplains. We aim to provide students with meaningful opportunities to develop faith and explore the importance of our school values. We create inclusive, contemporary and relevant experiences and provide a variety of opportunities for students to shine through contribution in the areas of leadership, music and service within Chapel or other voluntary lunchtime groups.

Celebrations and occasions such as Easter, Christmas and Graduations are important in the life of Redlands and our Chaplains create meaningful opportunities for the community to come together at these times.


Students attend regular Christian Studies lessons exploring key Christian beliefs and values. We aim to build their capacity as world citizens who respect, empathise and understand people of all faiths and viewpoints. In the Junior School students focus on the Christian faith and the application of its core teachings. As students progress to the Secondary School, world religions, philosophy and ethics are also studied, and Studies of Religion is offered at HSC level.

Within the Christian Studies program students are encouraged to think deeply, investigate, question, and share perspectives. Students engage in a variety of activities that stimulate thought about life and faith.

Serving our Communities

Our School community is served by our Senior and Junior Campus Chaplains, who support students, their families and the wider Redlands community. The School also provides opportunities for students to serve the global and local communities through international service trips and through supporting community organisations such as Anglicare.

Making a Positive Difference

Through our Spirituality and Service programs, our students develop a keen sense of citizenship and the responsibility they have to make a positive difference in our world.