Honouring our
Significant Redlanders

Following the opening of the Redlands Learning Hub in 2020, significant alumni were identified in order to acknowledge and celebrate their contribution in alignment with each of the respective faculties within the building.

The following Alumni are honoured within the Redlands Learning Hub.

Eleanor dark (o’reilly) ao
class of 1919

Level 2: English is named in honour of Eleanor Dark (O’Reilly), Class of 1919, considered one of Australia’s most important and influential writers.


Eleanor Dark (O’Reilly) AO 
Class of 1919

Eleanor Dark (O’Reilly), known as Pixie, commenced at Redlands in 1915 and boarded at the School from 1916. She was academic, a keen sportswoman and was involved in the performing arts and debating. Her first writings were published in the school magazine The Redlander. While at school she wrote the award-winning poem, Jerusalem Set Free.

Eleanor’s first novel, Pilgrimage (unpublished), was a semi-autobiographical novel of a girl at boarding school, contemplating life after school. She went on to become an award winning author whose writing not only changed the shape of Australian literature, but also influenced Australian history when she became one of the first writers to introduce the indigenous point of view in her historical fiction trilogy, The Timeless Land, first published in 1944. Eleanor’s family home, Varuna in Katoomba, is now a national writer’s retreat.