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SCECGS Redlands Limited

The School is owned and operated by SCECGS Redlands Limited – a company limited by guarantee.

The School’s Constitution (Memorandum and Articles of Association) complies with the Corporations Act 2001 and the requirement of ASIC. The Constitution sets out the objectives of the company and contains provisions about membership, general meetings, voting, the appointment of directors, the powers and duties of directors, audits, accounts and many other matters.

Members do not have an economic interest in the assets or operating surplus of the company or the School and are not entitled to any dividends or other payments. Any and all surplus must be applied for the benefit of the School.

The Board of SCECGS Redlands Ltd

The business and enterprise of SCECGS Redlands Limited is overseen by a Board of Directors. The Constitution requires that there be no fewer than seven and no more than 12 directors, and contains provisions for the appointment and removal of directors. The Constitution requires that the Board be comprised of four people appointed by Sydney Diocesan Services, and directors elected by the members of the Company. Directors may also be nominated by the Board.

Currently, there are twelve directors on the Board – four who have been appointed by the Sydney Diocesan Services, six elected by members of the Company, and two nominated by the Board. All elected and nominated directors are currently parents, past parents or past students of Redlands.


The Board seeks to be composed of a diversity of directors who have the necessary skills, professional qualifications, character, personal attributes and commitment to enable the realisation of the School’s vision and mission.


Ms G McLoughlin

Deputy Chair

Mr P Gold

Board Members

Ms J Anderson 
Mrs K Binnekamp 
Ms A Cheung (Class of 1990) 
Ms P Carney
Mr G Petersen
Mr J Pradel
Mrs A Reed-Stephenson
Reverend T St Quintin
Professor G Wightwick
Mr M Winram

The Role of the Board

The role of the board is to oversee the management and business of the Company, and in particular to:

  • Appoint the Principal and monitor performance.
  • Establish the vision and strategic direction of the School.
  • Support the School Executive and management in the implementation of that vision and strategic direction.
  • Ensure that the resources necessary for the achievement of those goals are available.

How the Board Operates

The Board meets each month and works closely to support the School Executive and management.

An increasing amount of the Board’s work is conducted through the directors in standing committees and interim working groups according to the issues at hand.

Board Standing Committees include Nominations, Finance & Audit, Risk and Physical Resources. Current Working Groups include ICT. Directors are appointed to committees based on their skills, experience, interests and availability.

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