Junior School

A Redlands Junior School education is dynamic and inspiring, focusing on the growth and progression of every student. By encouraging our students to be risk-takers, they are able to take on more responsibility and be ready for their transition into Secondary School.

Redlands Junior School Students

Our students are instilled with a sense of purpose and enjoyment for learning, aligning with our School values. By offering opportunities to develop their individual passions, students develop a sense of uniqueness that helps them become aware of themselves as learners, and supports our belief that there is no typical Redlands student.


As one of the leading junior schools in Sydney, our staff work collaboratively to prepare our students to acquire self-confidence and resilience. Across Years 3-6, we focus on specialising in student engagement and developing the social and emotional core competencies. We work at explicitly teaching and implicitly modelling and promoting self-awareness, social awareness, self-management, respectful relationships and responsible decision making.

Redlands Junior School Students In The Classroom

An Engaging

The stimulating and varied curriculum incorporates teaching and learning strategies that encourage diversity and creativity of thought. There is a strong emphasis on integrating curriculum subjects with appropriate, problem solving and real-world connections to learning.     

A number of subjects are taught by specialists in those fields providing a superior education in these areas rather than having an expectation that a primary teacher could teach each and every subject to the high level required.

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Units of Inquiry
  • Creative and Practical Arts 
  • ICT (integrated into all subjects)
  • Christian Studies
  • Library & Research Skills

Students are encouraged to accept greater responsibility, value learning, become aware of themselves as learners, become more reflective about the learning process and become self-motivated, independent learners.

Redlands Junior School in Sydney

Outdoor Education

Experiential outdoor education provides a stimulating complement to the traditional classroom environment. The yearly camp experiences allow students to develop social and emotional skills and also introduce group living skills. Teachers recognise these camps as a crucial way in which to get to know the students they teach in a context outside of the classroom and this knowledge further serves to develop a genuine depth of knowledge about each child.

As a leading junior school in Sydney, Redlands Junior School offers a breadth of opportunities for students to develop their individual passions and talents whilst also giving them insights into other possibilities their world will hold for them.

to Shine

The Redlands Junior School’s broad cocurricular program complements the academic program and provides a diversity of activities designed to motivate and challenge students and build confidence. We offer a wide range of cocurricular activities for students, including:

Redlands Junior School Student Leadership

Student Leadership

There are many opportunities for students to develop leadership skills in Years 3-6. The Redlands Junior School leaders are selected annually from Year 6 students and include School Captains, Sports Captains, Arts Captains, Environment Captains and House Captains – one girl and one boy in each position. There are also Student Wellbeing, Technology and Library leaders. In every class from Years 3-6, students are voted by their peers as Student Representative Council members and Class Representatives. These positions are refreshed every term.

Redlands Junior School Performing Arts Ballet and Dance

Performing Arts

Performing Arts is an integral part of a Redlands Junior School education and offers our students a unique experience outside of their academic studies. We offer a range of classical and contemporary programs across Dance, Music, Drama and Theatre, designed to allow our students to let their light shine whatever their area of passion. Showcase performance opportunities throughout the year include Music Festivals, Ballet and Dance Concerts and Musicals.

Redlands Junior School Sport Student Swimming


The Junior Sport program plays an integral role in the development of Redlands students fostering a spirit of fairness and team building, along with the opportunity to develop individual potential and to strive for excellence. A variety of sports are on offer to our Junior School students, including Basketball, Netball, Football, Rugby, Hockey, Touch Football, Tennis,  Gymnastics, Sailing, Surfing, Snowsports and many more.

A group of Redlands students learning together in a classroom

Critical Thinking

Debating develops critical thinking and encourages our students to structure and organise their thoughts while also developing their communication and research skills. Students are also encouraged to participate in the Da Vinci Decathlon, an academic competition designed to challenge and stimulate their learning. 

Redlands Junior School Chess and coding in the classroom


Coding and Robotics programs provide unique problem-solving opportunities for our students as they learn essential technology-driven skills in a fun, engaging and challenging environment. Coding and Robotics develops our students’ creative abilities as well as providing an innovative platform for them to showcase their leadership abilities. 

Passionate Teachers

The academic development of our students can be attributed to our exceptional professional teachers, who are fundamental to optimal learning. Through their dedication, tireless efforts and ongoing support, students develop the drive to achieve their very best.

Learn more about what sets our teachers apart here at Redlands by watching our Meet our Teachers video, giving an insight into life here at Redlands. 

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