Secondary School

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Redlands Secondary School is a dynamic and inspiring learning environment for students from Years 7-12, focused on preparing girls and boys for the real world outside the school walls – a world that is coeducational, that is global in outlook and that is ever-changing.

Secondary students at Redlands have the opportunity to grow personally and academically in a values-based environment designed to meet the needs of students in their final years of schooling. They test their mental boundaries, aspire to the highest levels of understanding and confidently explore opportunities to commence tertiary studies.

Teachers and students work together in a relationship of mutual respect and collaboration and respect the differences in others.

Our students develop skills and confidence for life – the critical and creative thinking skills and problem-solving skills necessary to meet challenges and embrace opportunities and change in the 21st Century.

A Globally Focused, Coeducational Real World Environment

Our world class learning program has now offered students the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma as well as the HSC for over 25 years – providing the opportunity for Year 11-12 students to select the course of study most appropriate to their individual strengths and preferences.

In learning and working together in a coeducational environment, students are exposed to a diversity of ideas, opinions and learning styles, which improves their own academic performance. They develop the emotional intelligence, maturity and inclusiveness that are critical for life in the 21st century.

Redlands is recognised for its global outlook and, with students from over 40 different nationalities working together, provides a rich learning environment based on a diversity of nationalities and experiences, as well as overseas links and opportunities.

Learning within a collaborative, vibrant and innovative culture, complemented by a comprehensive leadership and service program, Secondary School students are motivated to become well-rounded, confident and compassionate young adults who strive to become engaged contributors to society.

Student Wellbeing

The notion of partnership underpins all school relationships, with Redlands Secondary School students working towards interdependence rather than independence or dependence. They develop self-confidence, high self esteem, a commitment to personal excellence based on a positive set of values and respect for the values of others, and a sense of responsibility both to self and to the wider community. The pastoral care program is delivered by Form Tutors and Year Advisors, supplemented and assisted by the work of Classroom teachers, a Secondary School Counsellor and Chaplain.