Experiential Learning Program

We are delighted to announce a new residential Experiential Learning Program for our future Year 9 students, commencing in 2025. 

This new program aligns with our Vision of inspiring students to achieve life readiness and to let their light shine and our Strategic Driver of supporting and challenging students to achieve personal excellence through programs and pathways.

From 2025, our Year 9 students will have the opportunity to spend either Term 1 or Term 2 at our High Country Campus outside of Jindabyne. This residential Experiential Learning Program will include specifically tailored academic, pastoral, leadership, service, First Nations and outdoor education areas of focus.  

In developing our Experiential Learning Program, we have drawn upon our experience in successfully delivering our Winter School for 27 years and comprehensive Outdoor Education programs for more than 40 years. We have also drawn upon the best of Experiential Learning Programs from other local and global independent schools along with the significant educational experience of our Experiential Learning Committee.

We are confident that this residential Experiential Learning Program will significantly enrich the educational outcomes for both current Redlands students and generations to come.

Redlands High Country

The Redlands High Country Campus in Jindabyne in the Snowy Mountains region offers the greatest array of possibilities for both curriculum fieldwork and experiential learning. The campus is utilised for both outdoor education and also our Winter School, providing students a unique opportunity to combine their studies with routine snowsports training.