Philip Wolfhagen


Philip Wolfhagen’s painting has long been associated with the elemental presence of coast and landscape. From the beginning his work has been exclusively absorbed into his private obsession with northern Tasmania, the terrain of his personal origins. His painting echoes the great Australian Landscape tradition begun in late 1800s with the work of Piguenit and von Guerard. His seductively lush surface of oil and beeswax and the absolute mastery of colour and form representing the natural Tasmanian wilderness evoke an atmospheric mood unique to that climate and terrain.

Philip Wolfhagen was born in Tasmania in 1963 and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Tasmania (1987) and a Graduate Diploma of Visual Arts from the Sydney\r\nCollege of the Arts, University of Sydney (1990). Over the last fourteen years Philip has established an impressive artistic career. He has exhibited nationally during he last 11 years in public and commercial galleries and has held 16 major solo exhibitions as well as participated in a minimun of 20 selected group exhibitions and national survey shows. He won The Redlands Westpac Art Prize in 2001 and it is the first art prize that Philip has won during his impressive career.