Diena Georgetti

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Since the outset of her career in the late 1980s, Diena Georgetti has been making paintings that cut through expectation. Her medium is aesthetic value. She works it with her tools of selection (judgement of value) and composition (arrangement of value), deeply engaged with but irrespective of style or specific historic movements.

“Artists are people foremost, amongst a community of people, showing back something within themselves and of that group only seen in art. What do you see, what do you feel as you see, what is the education you profit – what comfort, what assurance, what relevance – from this historical humanity?”

The Humanity of Construction Painting

Here’s the past
I’ll make it last
I’ll be you.
I’m not going to say I found my way
through you
It’s not the same
It’s not yours
It’s mine to feel.
Because I know myself, I know I’m
someone else.
Is it you or is it all me?
I breathe alone for you
I breathe so I won’t lose you.
Here’s the future
You’ll make it last
You’ll be me.
– DG