Jack Lanagan Dunbar

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‘Studies in Light, Movement and Time’ is a body of work that explores the separation between images and objects. The photographic works are the result of capturing kinetic sculptures in motion. These sculptures, or ‘kinetic profiles’, are partial shapes that only reveal themselves as whole objects by means of the photographic apparatus. Recording an entire revolution of these kinetic profiles creates solid and seemingly impermeable objects – vases. In this way, the objects resist being viewed by the naked eye and become apparent only through mediation.

Yet, it is here we are presented with a problem; the vases are never completely available to us. As sculptures they may be held but only as partial objects, and as photographs they appear in the round yet are stuck within the image plane. 

Each vase is only ever complete somewhere between two- and three-dimensional space. They are made whole only over time, otherwise remaining locked just outside of sight and reach.