Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” Warren Buffett, investor and philanthropist 

Philanthropic Culture

We are fortunate at Redlands to have a community with a strong tradition of generously giving back to the School.  Parents and friends of the School proudly support the enrichment of our students’ lives in many ways, through regular donations and by giving one of the most special gifts of all – their time. 

Our motto “Let your light shine’ is an attitude we carry in all our endeavours. To ensure that we continue to help our students reach their personal best and equip them to stay abreast of our rapidly changing world, Redlands must continually invest in its infrastructure, facilities, curricular and co-curricular activities on a regular basis.

Foundation History

Redlands, like most independent schools, has its own Foundation to support the School’s development plan. The School has a long history and tradition of philanthropy and the significant contributions from parents, alumni and staff have played a vital role in its ongoing development. Redlands receives one of the lowest Government grants of any school in NSW and school fees alone cannot provide the capital required for major developments. 

Previous appeals include lots of important projects. For example, the Peter Cornish Building on the Junior Campus (2002), The Roseby Science Building, Liggins Atrium (2007) and Fitness Centre (2009) on the Senior Campus.

For more details, please view the Guide to Giving.

Foundation Objectives

At this stage, the Foundation activities are focused on supporting 3 funds.

  1. Scholarship Fund
  2. Building Fund
  3. Library Fund

Scholarship Fund

An endowment fund for a means-tested Scholarship was launched in 2010 by Dr Lennox with the vision of providing opportunities for exceptionally talented students who will make a strong contribution to both Redlands and our society, as well as enhancing the diversity of our student body. If you wish to support this Appeal and learn more, please visit here.  

Building Fund – New Learning Hub Appeal

Building Fund contributions are directed towards the New Learning Hub Appeal on the Senior Campus. This exciting state of the art development will directly support the Redlands Learning Platform, which is based on best practice in Teaching and Learning and will provide state of the art facilities for Mathematics, English, Social Science, Visual Arts and Innovative Design. The project is due for completion in 2020. If you wish to secure a Family plaque or for more information, please visit here.

Library Fund

Libraries are the heart of learning for every school. Information that supports the curriculum – and inspires students – ranges from visual aids and multimedia content to electronic databases, websites and good old- fashioned print publications. All donations from parents, friends and alumni are welcome as they will add considerably to the Library collection.


Contributions to all three Funds are eligible for an Australian Tax Office deduction. Tax receipts are issued at the beginning of July every year.

Should you wish to make the donation to any of the funds, please click

Donate Here for online payments.

For more information, please contact Dana Casimaty, Director of Development of the Redlands Foundation Office – phone 61 2 9968 9858 or email