At Redlands, our staff work collaboratively to prepare our students to acquire self-confidence and resilience. Across the School, we focus on specialising in student engagement and developing the social and emotional core competencies.

We work at explicitly teaching and implicitly modelling and promoting self-awareness, social awareness, self-management, respectful relationships and responsible decision making. One of our main aims is to ensure that school life is a positive, meaningful and rewarding experience and direct the energies of the School towards the holistic social and emotional development of each student.


A Safe, Cooperative Environment

At Redlands, we provide a safe and harmonious environment for all our students, offering choice and maximising learning opportunities across our P-6 campus. Being responsive to the social and emotional wellbeing of our students is a high priority and embedded in our programs, practice and policies.

To Achieve These Goals, Our Students:

  • Experience a sense of belonging and connection
  • Consistently feel physically and emotionally safe
  • Participate in learning programs that are supportive and culturally responsive
  • Develop rapport and strengthen trusting relationships with peers, staff and the broader Redlands community

Positive Behaviour for Learning Framework

Our students have daily opportunities to cultivate, practise and reflect on their social and emotional core competencies. This includes managing and regulating emotions, being self-aware, controlling impulses, having opportunities to make positive choices, and showing empathy towards others.

Across all Key Learning Areas, our students are interacting, communicating and problem-solving both individually and in teams supported by our Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) framework our students which guides them towards setting and achieving positive goals.

Improving Social and Emotional Skills

Our specialist Redlands Wellbeing team work collaboratively with our staff to develop a continuum of positive behaviour programs to improve social and emotional learning skills. The team will assist in developing and strengthening our Social & Emotional Learning practices and ensure the programs are integrated into our daily routines, so all individual student needs are met.

They also work alongside wellbeing leaders on the Senior Campus and attend Friendship Clubs at lunchtime which is supported by Student Wellbeing Leaders and staff. Participation in regular Circle Time activities is required as well as providing opportunities for restorative practice to take place, as required.

Lastly, the team helps prepare our students to be responsible, resilient, productive problem-solvers and also collaborate with all staff teams so our Redlands students all flourish and reach their full potential to become caring, confident, global citizens.