“Out of all the schools I have taught at, Redlands feels most like my spiritual home because of the international diversity of Redlands students. Most are well travelled and have been exposed to a wide variety of cultures and ways of being and doing. For this reason students are much more accepting of difference and discussions are lively and interesting. I love the students’ curiosity about the nature of everything.”

Karen Pittard, Coordinator of Mathematics


“Teaching at Redlands is a unique experience. Students are genuinely interested in learning and represent several different countries to support their internationally minded education.  Moving from the US a year ago, I was not sure which school I would call “home” in Sydney and I truly feel adopted by the Redlands community. Inside the classroom, students are energetic and motivated to succeed.  Outside the classroom, teachers have the opportunity to support students with sport and activities to learn about the whole child, not just the student in their classroom.  It has been a wonderful experience so far and I look forward to another successful year.”

Alissa Ynson, Mathematics Teacher


“Redlands is an exciting, dynamic, teaching and learning environment. The students are enthusiastic in their approach to learning and arrive at class eager to explore and learn. Visual Arts students at Redlands are offered a challenging, varied curriculum. Students are required to be active participants in their learning and not to expect to simply receive answers. Students’ areas of interest are used to help develop subject matter, which ensures students are interested in their studies and find learning relevant and beneficial. I believe I cater for the individual needs of all my students. I seek to understand their strengths and weaknesses and use these to help students to achieve their best. I have respect for my students and their opinions and in return receive trust and respect from them.”

Mark Harpley, Visual Arts Coordinator