“Redlands is a school where bright ideas and innovations are respected and considered. Just like their students, teachers are encouraged to conduct research and set goals to improve the quality of their teaching and learning. Programs are constantly reviewed and updated so that we are sure to meet the needs of individuals and groups. The exciting inclusion of Bush School and Beach School in the Kindergarten year are good examples of how Redlands explores international practices and has adapted them for the Australian setting. I love being a part of such a dynamic approach to education.”

Joanna King, Kindergarten Year Coordinator

“Year One at Redlands is fun and exciting. The children are developing many skills that will build foundations for future learning. In each classroom the children are encouraged to think and contribute to class discussions. From these thoughts and ideas we can further develop each child’s learning and explore more avenues to deepen understanding and nurture individual creativity.

Integrating all aspects of the Australian curriculum supports each Redlands child’s pathway to success and allows them to ‘Let their Light Shine’.  All children feel a sense of belonging and from this they show caring and empathy for others in the school and within the greater community.”

Vanessa Finlayson, Year 1 Year Coordinator

“Our students are learning to be inquirers, communicators, thinkers, knowledgeable, risk-takers, principled, caring, open-minded, well-balanced and reflective. I believe strongly that developing these skills will help prepare our students for when they eventually leave school. I also encourage the children to think creatively. I use a variety of tools to help develop thinking skills in my students. We also have lots of fun! The children’s work is valued and our classrooms have vibrant displays of this work.”

Kylie Angus, Year 1 Teacher

“There are a myriad of wonderful aspects to teaching at Redlands. I have always believed in a coeducational environment, so I love teaching in a school where our boys and girls are given equal opportunities to change and transform their lives through the rich education on offer. There is provision for many different learning preferences and individual needs in a setting where the students can take an active role by exploring and risk taking. Having taught at Redlands for over 20 years, I value the depth of opportunity offered to staff, which facilitates growth, keeps the passion alive and enables an ongoing delivery of exceptional education to the students.”

Lynn Cooper, Year 2 Teacher