Extra Curricular

The extra-curricular program complements the academic program and provides a diversity of activities designed to motivate and challenge students and build confidence.

We offer a wide range of extra curricular activities for Prep students. These include

  • Sporting and Creative Clubs
  • Instrumental Tuition Program
  • Prep Strings
  • Prep Choir
  • Chess

Additional tuition is available in the following extra curricular activities;

  • Private Music Tuition
  • Ballet and Dance
  • Acting
  • Musical Theatre
  • Gymnastics

Instrumental Tuition program

As part of our class music program, all children in Year Two have the opportunity to learn both a stringed instrument (either violin, viola or cello) and the recorder. Instruction is provided by qualified music teachers and there are many performance opportunities for children to share their developing skills. Prep Strings Concerts are always a popular event. 

Private Music Tuition program

The most suitable areas of study for students of this age are piano, violin and cello. However other instruments are available should a child show a particular interest.


In many extra curricular activities, regular opportunities are provided for performance in studio recital or series concerts.