Preparatory School

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The Margaret Roberts Preparatory School

Redlands Preparatory School, a four stream school for children from Kindergarten to Year 2, provides a vibrant, nurturing and child-centred environment for young learners in which they can learn, laugh, play and explore the world around them.

The students at Prep love coming to school and are challenged to achieve their personal and academic potential. The staff develop programs that are research based and have the best interests of our students in mind. A core aim is to ensure the best foundations are laid for children to become confident, independent and passionate life long learners as well as compassionate and socially aware global citizens.

The love of learning fostered in these years ensures that students move forward into Junior School self-assured, ready and willing to accept new challenges and explore wider horizons.

A Child-Centred, Activity-Based Learning Environment

We believe that children learn most effectively when they can:

  • see that their studies are personally relevant
  • actively participate in interdisciplinary inquiry based learning
  • engage in problem solving activities
  • think creatively and critically
  • question and test the theories they hold of the world around them
  • work co-operatively
  • initiate topics of interest
  • experiment with real materials
  • apply their knowledge to real life situations
  • monitor their own progress, enabling them to know the pleasure of accomplishment

Teaching and learning activities are therefore carefully designed to allow children not only to be actively involved in the learning process but also to take responsibility for their own learning.

Individualised Program

Redlands Preparatory School recognises that each child is special and unique, and each has different strengths, weaknesses and learning styles. Within the classroom, each child is given the opportunity to work at their own level of ability with personalised programs rather than standard workbooks and materials.

In addition, qualified staff give children additional support on a one-to-one basis or in small groups where necessary. Programs available include:

  • Learning Enrichment program in English and Maths
  • Learning Support in English and Numeracy
  • English as an additional language
  • Specialist Gross Motor Program

Home School Partnership

School and home life are interwoven in the lives of young children. We place great value on developing strong links between home and school to develop partnerships based on mutual understandings, mutual respect and continued dialogue. We are constantly exploring new ways for students, parents and staff to work together.

Student Wellbeing

Class teachers, Year Coordinators and the Head of Early Childhood closely monitor each child’s wellbeing. They are assisted by a School Counsellor, and visiting specialists, who provide, in consultation with teachers and parents, student support to ensure the academic, social and emotional wellbeing of each child in our care.