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The Redlands House curriculum reflects a strong commitment to the concept of developmentally appropriate practice for young children. Additionally our teachers value the unique talents, strengths and passions our children bring with them to preschool. Therefore our teachers develop teaching programmes after attentively observing and listening to each child. Children are seen as active contributors in the learning process.

An integrated project work approach is used which is based on the belief that preschool children are capable and competent learners. Learning activities and material are used that are concrete and relevant to children’s lives and which gradually increase in difficulty and complexity as Our teachers enjoy developing programs that foster each child’s natural sense of wonder and innate curiosity. For Redlands House children learning is fun. 

Key curriculum areas include:

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Project work
  • French
  • Music
  • Physical Education
  • Christian Studies

The children’s social and emotional skills are developed through our weekly Circle Time program, which enhances connectedness, resilience and wellbeing. Students also have extra-curricular opportunities to participate in Soccer, Drama and Ballet.


The Lucy Hill library is a specialist early childhood library catering for three to eight year olds and offers one of the most extensive Early Childhood collections in the state. 

All families of Redlands House are welcome to visit and borrow books from the library, which is in the grounds of the Prep School.