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At Redlands, each section of the School has its own library, dedicated to meeting the needs of students at different ages and stages of learning. The libraries are centres of learning in each part of the school. They are very well-resourced and are linked by an online catalogue which facilitates resource sharing across the two Redlands campuses.

The Lucy Hill Library: Preschool to Year 2

  • Extensive collection of resources to delight younger children and their parents
  • Specialist Teacher-Librarian and knowledgeable staff
  • Specialises in fiction for beginning and developing readers
  • Literature programs and curriculum support

The Arnold Library: Years 3-6

  • Information literacy and literature programs conducted by a qualified Teacher-Librarian
  • Extensive print resources for reading and research
  • Specialises in Junior to Young Adult fiction for emerging and independent readers
  • Spacious, pleasant environment

The Roseby Library: Years 7-12 

  • Excellent resources and services for Secondary School
  • Pleasant, light-filled environment
  • Specialises in Teen and Young Adult fiction for older readers
  • Print and online resources for all curriculum requirements
  • Extended hours for independent study
  • Teacher-Librarians available to assist with research across extensive print and digital information environments