Learning Extension

We recognise that all students are unique with their own distinct potential, strengths, difficulties and learning styles. As a school we are dedicated to supporting every student to achieve their personal best.

An integral part of our Redlands Learning Platform is that teachers are provided with the opportunity to design highly effective teaching programs that are based on the individual learning styles of all students.

The Redlands academic program is designed to extend and enrich the learning experience of all students and in particular, those individuals who are academically more able.

Outside the classroom, there is a structured program of academic extension activities on offer from the earliest years of school until Year 12. Students also have the opportunity to participate in cross- disciplinary challenges such as the Da Vinci Competition and the Australian Science Olympiad.

In 2014 Redlands Year 11 student Zoe Thompson won a gold medal in the Australian Science Olympiad and, representing Australia, a gold medal in the 2015 International Science Olympiad held in Brazil.

Later in 2015, four Redlands students were awarded Gold Medals in the 2015 Australian Science Olympiad and having attended the Science Olympiad Summer School in Canberra in January, are hoping to make selection for the Australian team to compete in the 2016 International Science Olympiad.