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 “It is important to recognise that every child learns in their own unique way. To learn effectively, children often need to have information presented to them in a way that stimulates their learning preference. The learning process for children must also be an engaging one and I have always encouraged children to aspire to try their best at all times, an attainable target for every single child. I love teaching and it has always been a real passion of mine, which I hope comes across to my students. As a teacher, it is my duty and responsibility to be the best role model I possibly can to all of the children I come across. Teaching is a real privilege and there are few if any other professions that can have such a profound and long-lasting effect on people’s lives.”

Ari Guha, Head of Junior School

Teaching at Redlands is special because it is founded on an approach to education that puts the long term needs of every learner first. The Redlands learning Platform founded as it is on a constructivist approach to knowledge, underpinned by Habits of Mind and Teaching for Understanding ensures students learn to think and to use what they know effectively. Students are routinely engaged by spectacular learning opportunities that challenge their thinking. Students at Redlands go beyond answering questions to become question seekers and drivers of their own inquiry. At Redlands teachers and students learn together and expand our potential for creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking.

Nigel Coutts   Dean of Teaching & Learning P-6

At Redlands, I feel privileged to belong to a dynamic, nurturing, progressive team of educators. Here, every child is valued, and students are encouraged to take risks in their learning. We focus on creating environments that foster growth mindsets, critical thinking, collaboration and resilience. Students leave Redlands as global citizens, certain to make a difference in the world. I am passionate about my rewarding profession, and I feel fortunate that it affords me the opportunity to interact with the present while impacting the future.

Joanne Robinson   Year 6 Year Coordinator

Teaching at Redlands Junior School is an absolute privilege. Teachers have the opportunity to excite and engage their students in learning, as well as model by example that learning is lifelong. My passion is to teach students through an inquiry based approach that challenges them to be thinkers, and to question the world around them. Throughout the day the students are active participants in the learning process. Students…ask questions, explore big ideas, make predictions, find information, take action, use hands-on materials to discover new things, and most importantly they reflect on themselves as a learner in order to allow them to continue to grow.

Mieke Johnson    Year 5 Year Coordinator

It is wonderful to be part of a team that influences young minds. Redlands provides a wealth of experiences that encompasses integrated and differentiated learning for all students. The caring and warm nature of the teachers ensure that a child’s individual needs are met, both academically and emotionally. I love teaching at Redlands because every student is different, every day is different and students come to school eager to learn. Redlands’ culture is nurturing, progressive and in touch with the real world.

Melanie Cleary    Year 4 Year Coordinator

There is something truly exciting and rewarding about teaching at Redlands. To come into the classroom each day knowing that my role isn’t just to teach, but also to learn alongside such a dynamic range of inquiring minds is something quite special. No class discussion is the same as no student is the same and the students at Redlands demonstrate true confidence in sharing their developing thoughts, ideas, interests and discoveries with others. I truly love learning from the inquisitive minds we help foster here. Students are equally excited to be a part of the innovative teaching and learning that goes on here and there is a real buzz of learning in each classroom. Working alongside equally passionate colleagues in an environment that values, supports and fosters learning for deep understanding is a rewarding experience. I have never been more excited about the Redlands journey than I am right now – I am seeing great things each and every day.

Peter Latimer    Year 3 Year Coordinator