Junior School

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Redlands Junior School provides a nurturing and challenging learning environment for students from Years 3-6, which builds upon emerging independence and intrinsic motivation. Students are guided and encouraged to take risks in their learning and accept greater responsibility to enable them to ultimately make a smooth transition to Secondary School.

In a caring, supportive atmosphere that is conducive to learning, we aim to provide a learning environment that best suits the individual needs of each child and builds a responsible, outward-looking school community in which each student has freedom to grow. A breadth of opportunities are provided for students to develop their individual passions and talents whilst also giving them insights into other possibilities their world will hold for them.

Students are encouraged to accept greater responsibility, value learning, become aware of themselves as learners, become more reflective about the learning process and become self-motivated, independent learners.

The obvious enjoyment, energy and enthusiasm of our students can be seen in every facet of each day at Redlands. As students move through to our Secondary School they take with them a love of life and learning and a sense of pride in themselves and their school.

Student Wellbeing

Throughout the school, there is a clear sense that every child is known. Class Teachers, Year Coordinators and the Head of Junior School are assisted by a Dean of Student Wellbeing to ensure the wellbeing of each student is always at the forefront of our minds. This priority on student care and engagement is a prerequisite that then allows for students to be in the best possible mindset to approach learning and achieve their best outcomes. Co-operation, interaction and friendship amongst the students are promoted; the achievements of individuals and groups are recognised and the students’ sense of belonging and self-worth is nurtured.

Home School Partnership

We believe that students achieve their potential and make the most of their learning experiences when home and school work closely together in partnership. In the Redlands Junior School, we aim to foster the natural development of a close relationship between school and family with frequent communications and involvement of parents in their child’s learning journey. Parents are also actively encouraged to support learning, particularly where they have an area of expertise or knowledge that links in directly with the curriculum.