Lucy Hill Scholarships

Year 10 2019

We welcome applications from exceptional young people for Year 10 2019. A limited number of scholarships will be awarded to students with a strong academic record and the ability and desire to contribute to the life of the School.

These scholarships will be subject to means-testing and are aimed at providing opportunity for students who would be unable to pay the regular tuition fees to benefit from a Redlands education. Academic and extra-curricular records will be reviewed.

The scholarships are for three years from Year 10 2019 to Year 12 2021.

The scholarships honour the legacy of Mrs Lucy Hill. Mrs Hill was a teacher and then the Head of SCEGGS Redlands Junior School between 1952 and 1975, when Redlands was a girls’ school.

Applications close on Monday 26 November.

To apply for a Lucy Hill Scholarship Memorial Scholarship for entry into Year 10 2019.

  1. Complete the Lucy Hill Memorial Scholarship Application form including the Means-tested Scholarship Application form (marked confidential) and return to: The Registrar, Redlands, 272 Military Rd Cremorne NSW 2090 or
  1. Interviews for short-listed applicants will take place in November/December.
  1. For any further details, please contact the Registrar, Mrs Kate Carey or phone 9968 9890. 

Lucy Hill Memorial Scholarships Terms and Conditions 

  1. A scholarship is provided for either full or part remission of tuition fees for the duration of the scholarship, subject to annual review of scholar’s performance.
  2. The Lucy Hill Memorial Scholarships are for a three year period from Year 10 2010 to Year 12 2021 inclusive.
  3. The Lucy Hill Memorial Scholarships will be means tested and only awarded on a demonstrated financial needs basis.
  4. Current Redlands students are not eligible for a Lucy Hill Memorial Scholarship.
  5. A scholarship does not provide for payment in purchase of books, materials, uniforms and other day to day standard items of school requirement or activity. However in cases of exceptional need, the Principal may extend a scholarship to include these extra costs. Costs of excursions, the International Baccalaureate program and other incidentals are not included.
  6. Decisions communicated by the Principal are final. No correspondence will be entered into.