Student Leadership

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As part of developing every child’s individual potential, we equip our students with the skills necessary to excel in a post-school environment.

Leadership, team building, commitment and resilience are life skills that Redlands teaches and practices through a range of leadership programs from the youngest years of schooling.

Preparatory School

Opportunities for leadership development begin in the Preparatory School where our Year 2 students have the responsibility of conducting the weekly assemblies.

Junior School

There are many opportunities for students to develop leadership skills in Years 3-6. The Junior School Officers are selected annually from Year 6 students and include School Captains, Sports Captains, Arts Captains and House Captains – one boy and one girl in each position.

In every class from Years 3-6, students are voted by their peers as Student Representative Council members and Class Representatives. These positions are refreshed every term.

Junior School Captains also have the opportunity to attend the annual National Young Leaders Day, where they learn how to lead themselves as well as others.

Secondary School

Leadership opportunities continue in Years 7-9, where each class has representatives on the Student Representative Council. These positions are for a six month term and are elected by their peers.

In Years 9-11, the Peer Support program empowers students to support each other and contribute positively to the school and community. In Year 9, all students receive Peer Support training and then are invited to become a Peer Leader during Years 10 and 11. Year 11 Peer Leaders work with Year 7 students on Transition to Secondary School and Resilience and Year 10 Peer Leaders work with Year 8 students on Values. Not only does the Peer Support program develop leadership skills, it also contributes to maintaining a positive school culture. 

All Year 10 students participate in Australian Business week where they are mentored by Redlands parents who share their own leadership skills gained from a wide range of business environments.

In Year 11, developing leadership skills is the key focus of the annual Curriculum Camp, which is held at our High Country Campus in the Snowy Mountains. The objective is to develop leadership and self-reliance through a personality profile and initiative task training program and a challenging high country expedition.

Leadership opportunities culminate in Year 12 with the election of School Captains, Sports Captains, Arts Captains, House Captains and a number of Captains for each sport and co-curricular activity, in addition to the School Prefects. These positions are awarded following election by the student body and interviews by the Deputy Principal and Head of Secondary School.

Redlands also hosts an annual Young Leaders Breakfast where our School Captains and Prefects invite other student leaders from across Sydney to a breakfast featuring an inspirational speaker. Past speakers have included former Wallaby Captain John Eales and Redlander and TV Presenter, Catriona Rowntree. 

Finally all students from Year 9 onwards have the opportunity to further develop their leadership skills through the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme. Each year approximately 60 students participate in the Bronze level, 20 students in the Silver level and 20 students in the Gold level.