Religious Education

At Redlands, we believe in a holistic development which strives to support each student to reach their potential. Our aim is that students become well-rounded, confident and compassionate citizens of the world. 

In view of this approach, we recognise that students need to develop intellectually, physically, emotionally and spiritually. While Redlands is a school in the Anglican tradition that seeks to give students the opportunity to understand the Christian faith in a relevant and accessible way, we also warmly welcome people of all faiths to our School community.

Christian Studies

From Pre-School to Year 6, students attend Christian Studies lessons, which give students an opportunity to explore

  • The foundations of the Christian faith
  • The life, times and teaching of Jesus through bible stories
  • The biblical basis for the School Values of compassion, honesty, moral courage, respect, responsibility and farness
  • The religious beliefs of others and their own views about the world around them
  • How to be generous to those in need and make a positive contribution to their community and the world.

Through a variety of age and learning stage appropriate mediums, we encourage students to investigate, question and share ideas and traditions. Students engage in a variety of activities to stimulate through about life and to gain an understanding of the foundation of Christian belief. These activities include discussion, art, drama, music, group work, games, storytelling and ICT. In Kindergarten to Year 6, other world religions are discussed in the Units of Enquiry subject. 

In the Secondary School, students from Years 7 to 10 have one class a week of Christian Studies. The goal is to provide information, as well as opportunities for students to explore religious faith and a sense of spirituality. We ask students to investigate, question and reflect on the bible and the person of Jesus. We also explore other world religions in Year 10 to equip our students to face living in a complex global world and multicultural society.


All Secondary School students attend chapel once a week. This is held in the local Anglican Church, where students are introduced to some Anglican traditions. It is a time for learning, personal reflection and for experiencing a sense of quiet calm in their very active lives. Chapel provides students with meaningful opportunities to reflect, pray and consider their spiritual journey.  Students themselves are encouraged to participate in the planning and presentation of services.