Religious Education

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At Redlands, we believe in a holistic approach to student development, which strives to support students to reach their potential as individuals created in the image of God. Our aim is for students to become well-rounded, confident and compassionate citizens of the world, living their faith reflected in our School values and motto.

In view of this approach, we recognise that students grow and develop intellectually, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Redlands is a school in the Anglican tradition that seeks to give students the opportunity to understand the Christian faith in a relevant and accessible way. Jesus is central to our spiritual focus, as historically recorded in the bible. We also warmly welcome people of all faiths to our School community and encourage students to live as global citizens that understand, respect and love people of all faiths and traditions.

Curriculum: Christian Studies and Studies of Religion

All students from Kindergarten to Year 10 participate in Christian Studies as part of their learning at Redlands. Christian Studies classes are taught by our dedicated Chaplains and qualified Christian Studies Teachers who have a deep understanding of the Christian faith and provide students with an opportunity to explore;

  • The foundations of the Christian faith
  • The life, times and teaching of Jesus
  • The bible as relevant and foundational to understanding of society, literature, history and the arts
  • The biblical basis for the School Values
  • The religious beliefs of others and students’ own views about the world around them
  • How Christian values are applicable in a modern society, where it is important to be generous to those in need and make a positive contribution to the community and the world.

Our Primary School students are encouraged to think deeply, investigate, question and share ideas and traditions in Christian Studies lessons. Kindergarten to Year 2 participate in a half hour lesson each week, with Students Year 3 – Year 6 having a one hour lesson each fortnight. Students engage in a variety of activities to stimulate thought about life and to gain an understanding about Jesus and the foundations of the Christian faith. These age-appropriate activities incorporate discussion, art, drama, music, group work, games, storytelling and the use of ICT.

In the Secondary School, students from Years 7 to 10 are invited to investigate, question and reflect on the bible and the person of Jesus.  It is our goal to provide information, as well as opportunities to explore faith and a sense of spirituality. We see it important to present a biblical worldview that prepares students to appropriately confront and respond to what is around them. Students also have the opportunity to understand other world religions to equip them to face living in a multicultural society within complex global world.

Redlands offers Studies of Religion, a challenging and rigorous area of study, for Year 11 and 12 HSC students. In Studies of Religion, students are encouraged to gain an understanding and critical awareness of the nature of religion, its significance and the beliefs and traditions of individuals within society.

Chapel Services

The school community gathers for Chapel regularly, ensuring each student (P-12) has time every week to reflect, refresh and connect with God. A Chapel service typically includes community singing, focusing on a bible passage and prayer.  Students value this time of quiet and meaningful reflection.

Junior Campus students meet on the school campus, providing flexibility and ease of movement for younger students. They are given opportunities to be actively involved in chapel services, with individual and class presentations regularly undertaken.

St Peter’s Anglican Church graciously welcomes the Secondary School into their beautiful church building. The messages in Chapel connect with the wellbeing program and life of the School. Students are encouraged to engage with relevant and essential life issues in a positive environment. Each week students are actively involved in singing and playing their instruments, reading and participating in the service in a variety of ways.

Each year we join together as a School community for special services around Easter, ANZAC Day, Foundation Day and Christmas. These honour our Anglican tradition and are great community celebrations.

Cocurricular Activities

Students are able to attend lunchtime groups to explore faith in more depth.

In the Junior School TGIF (Thank God it’s Friday) meets weekly. Students are invited to join the Christian lunchtime group to explore what following Jesus is like. Students who have a personal interest in, or connection to, the Christian faith join together to encourage, support and learn together. All students are welcome. We play games, consider the personal application of Bible stories and pray for the needs of others. Students seek to be a positive group within our School community.

In Secondary School, students meet at Wednesday lunch time for a dynamic discussion and games focused on understanding the discipleship of Jesus. Students who attend regularly find this a community feel and begin to develop ownership and leadership in the group. Regular attendance is not essential as students are welcome to attend as they desire.


The School community is served by the   Chaplains, who are available for students, their families and the wider Redlands community. Alongside their responsibilities for the leading of Chapel and teaching of Christian Studies, the Chaplains are willing to listen, care and pray as required, in both positive and challenging times.

The Chaplains invite parents and friends of the School, who would like to pray for the School community, to attend our regular Parents Who Pray meetings. These people gather with the Chaplains to pray for students, staff, Executive, Board members and events. These meetings happen twice a term on Friday mornings at 8.30 am and this is notified in the Chaplain section in the School newsletter.

In Our Community

The School provides a number of opportunities and experiences that develop students’ understanding of the world. Reflecting the School motto, students are able to respond compassionately to social and global issues. Students have opportunities to serve and Let Their Light Shine through:

  • service trips both locally and overseas
  • supporting appeals like Anglicare both during Winter and at Christmas,
  • supporting and giving to Matthew Talbot Homeless Service (Years 11 and 12)
  • fundraising for specific causes and programs to develop knowledge and understanding of complex issues.

Our students develop a keen sense of citizenship and the responsibility they have as well educated people.