Redlands ICT Program

At Redlands, we provide a differentiated ICT Program to meet the needs of each section of the school.

  • Pre-School: Class-based iPads
  • Preparatory School: Class-based iPads
  • Junior School:
    • Year 3 – Class-based iPads
    • Year 4 – Class-based iPads or BYOiPad (optional)
    • Years 5-6 – BYOiPad
  • Secondary School:
    • Years 7-9 – BYO Mac
    • Years 10-12 – BYO Device

Program Aims

The ICT Program aims for students to:

  • enhance their learning through using ICT
  • develop responsible attitudes and habits using technology
  • select, use and evaluate the most appropriate technological tools to complete learning tasks
  • understand the capacity and limitations of technology
  • responsibly manage their day-to-day usage of their Device.