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Redlands Learning Platform

Learning in the 21st Century

The Redlands Learning Platform is the School’s Educational philosophy, developed to help our students achieve Academic Excellence and prepare them for the 21st Century Knowledge Society workforce.

Based on two world-recognised high-quality learning frameworks, the Redlands Learning Platform takes students beyond simple acquisition of knowledge to a deeper understanding of concepts and ideas. By promoting skills of higher order thinking and problem-solving, it encourages students to apply knowledge and understanding to problems and situations not previously experienced.

To this end the Redlands Learning Platform features three core components:

Deep Understanding

Deep Understanding draws on research from Harvard University’s Teaching for Understanding. It seeks to better equip students to apply their knowledge to new situations, to be able to think more flexibly, critically and creatively and to be knowledge producers. The Redlands curriculum seeks to explore and scrutinise areas of study as opposed to merely covering the basic facts where knowledge is simply there to be accepted.


Learning is not a passive process of absorbing information. Learning is a dynamic process in which learners construct new ideas and concepts on the basis of current and past knowledge. Learning occurs in response to the learning environment in which the student is the focus of the learning experience. Redlands classrooms seek to focus more on the needs of the individual student in a “hands-on” active learning environment where problem solving, questioning and open-ended, authentic tasks challenge and stimulate students’ thinking skills.

Quality Learning Environment

A Quality Learning Environment is characterised by high expectations and academic rigour, positive attitudes and perceptions towards learning, safe and supporting learning environments and powerful Information Communications Technology platforms that promote innovation in the learning journey. The Redlands Learning Platform’s Dimensions of Learning, is a distillation of extensive research by the McRel Institute and presents a powerful model of quality learning and teaching.

Harvard University Professor David Perkins observes, “Knowledge is simply no longer enough”. The Redlands Learning Platform seeks to respond to this reality and in doing so provides the foundation for our students to be best positioned for an ever-changing 21st Century workforce.