Belinda Oxley Scholarship Appeal

An endowment fund for a means-tested Scholarship was launched in 2010 by former Principal Dr Peter Lennox with the vision of providing opportunities for exceptionally talented students who will make a strong contribution to both Redlands and our society, as well as enhancing the diversity of our student body.

Redlands is dedicated to being a diverse and inclusive learning community.

Our next means-tested scholarship will be named in honour of the late Belinda Oxley, who sadly passed in 2018, to recognise her 23 year dedication to our School. Belinda began at Redlands as a Year 2 teacher, contributing to many valued educational programs before taking up the role of Dean of Early Childhood in 2015. Her commitment was recognised with the Roseby Staff Award in 2013. Belinda is remembered fondly by both her colleagues and students as a passionate educator and we are proud to honour her legacy to the School through the support of a young person who might not otherwise have the opportunity to benefit from a Redlands education.

Our goal is to award one means-tested Redlands Foundation Scholarship annually for the entire six years of a Redlands Secondary School education. Due to the generosity of the Redlands community, we currently have one Year 9 and one Year 7 student benefitting from the opportunities a Redlands education offers and one student has been awarded the 2022 Peter Lennox Scholarship, joining our Redlands learning community in Year 7 2022. The Belinda Oxley Scholarship will be awarded to a student commencing in Year 7 2023. Thank you sincerely to all parents, friends and alumni for their generous support!

Your generosity will have a lasting difference on the life of deserving students. The gift of an education through a Scholarship can change and inspire lives.

How You Can Make a Lasting Difference

We invite philanthropic support from our community for the development of this scholarship – please join us in remembering Belinda.

One-off Gift
Via our online payment gateway

A Pledge
Make a donation over several years. Please download the Scholarship Fund Contribution Form.

A Bequest
Leave a legacy to the School and recognise Redlands in your will. Please download the Bequest Form or contact us to design a plan tailored to your situation.

For any enquiries please contact Dana Casimaty, Director of Development, 02 9968 9858 or

Hear from Members of our Redlands Community

 “Having a scholarship at Redlands meant a lot to me  I could become a part of the vibrant Redlands community, having so many opportunities to excel across academic studies, music, sport and extra curricular activities.” Sonia Kalcina, Alumnae 2015, Academic and Music Scholar, graduated from Oxford University UK with a Masters in Mathematics, 1st Class Honours and has joined Capital One UK in London as a Graduate Strategy Analyst. 

“I believe means-tested scholarships are important to ensure our vulnerable youth get the opportunity to attend a School that has so much to offer. I was fortunate enough to attend Redlands, it’s great to be able to support a student to have the same opportunity. Some of my best memories from Redlands was a great education with committed and supportive teachers and exposure to more than just an education. A Redlands education has helped in my life journey and career as it was a good grounding, reminder to take opportunities that present themselves.” Belinda Seaton, Alumnae 1974 and Philanthropist

 “I really value the education that I had at Redlands and I would like to feel that I have the opportunity to give other students and future generations, exactly the same opportunity I received at Redlands.” Tracy Mulligan, Alumnae 1975, past parent and staff member of Redlands School.