Gifts in Wills

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Shaping young lives for well into the future is arguably the greatest gift one could make.

For many graduates, attending Redlands has allowed our students to enhance their educational experiences with vast opportunities, including forging deep, enduring friendships. Understandably, our Redlanders may have a strong feeling of patronage towards their School and would like to foster their community for generations to come.

This is how a planned gift can be of such value to both the School and the future students.  

If you are thinking of leaving a gift in your will to the School, please contact the Redlands Foundation Office to discuss the options available. Such gifts may include capital, property and gifts in kind.

Contact us to design a plan, tailored to your situation and the difference you, as a Redlander can make.

Contact Dana Casimaty, Director of Development, 02 9968 9858 or Please download the Redlands Gifts in Will Form here.