Legacy Gift of Class of 2021

The Class of 2021 proudly continues the Legacy of previous Yr 12 cohorts, and through their efforts have been supporting the Belinda Oxley Scholarship Appeal and sustainability initiatives of the School. Their fundraising initiative is a memorable Yr 12 Tea Towel and cotton Tote Bag, featuring student’s and selected… Read More

Redlands Arts Cards

Redlands Arts Cards are in support of the Belinda Oxley Scholarship, a means-tested scholarship which will provide opportunities for an exceptionally talented student, who will make a valuable contribution to both our Redlands community and to society. This scholarship will be awarded to a Year 7 student in 2023 for… Read More

Redlands Melbourne Cup Luncheon

We regret to inform that given the current uncertainties around the organisation of external events, we have decided not to go ahead with the Melbourne Cup Luncheon this year. As you know, this event has a long tradition, with expectations set at it being a very social and jovial event… Read More