Vision, Mission, Values

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To inspire girls and boys to achieve life-readiness and to let their light shine, through the provision of a world recognised, contemporary education.


We aim to provide a diverse, co-educational environment based on innovative, flexible and research-based teaching practice. In this context staff and parents will work together to instil sound values in the young people in our care and to inspire them to recognise and develop their unique potential, and to use their knowledge and abilities for the good of others.


Our school motto is: “Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in Heaven”. Matthew 5:16 NIV


Our ethics, standards and practices are based upon established Christian values.


Core ValueBehaviour
HonestyBeing truthful and trustworthy
RespectFeeling confident in our own worth and abilities and valuing our good character, treating others with courtesy, consideration and understanding
ResponsibilityAccepting that each of us is answerable for our actions, and being dependable
CompassionRecognising the misfortunes of others and responding with empathy and purpose
FairnessTreating others justly and impartially, according to their individual needs and the wider circumstances
Moral CourageFacing ethical challenges firmly and confidently, regardless of personal cost