Redlands Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to Redlands

Redlands Principal’s welcome: For 136 years Redlands has provided an independent education to generations of young Australians.

Our dynamic, inclusive and nurturing learning environment offers a contemporary real world education which inspires academic excellence and confidence for life.

The diversity of opportunities at Redlands recognises the diverse nature of our students and aims to prepare them for future roles as outstanding citizens who will make a contribution to their local, national and international communities.


Our coeducational learning environment fosters mutual respect between boys and girls. In learning together, both within and beyond the classroom, our students share a diversity of ideas and experiences to broaden their perspectives, enhance their academic performance and gain experience of leading both genders.

Our graduates are prepared to make a natural transition to their tertiary studies and careers, and to embrace the challenges and new opportunities that lie ahead with confidence. ย 

Our Academic Program

Our academic program is driven by our desire to see every student flourish, to ensure that they feel connected and confident, and ultimately ready to embrace life beyond the school gates.

This is achieved through our Redlands Learning Platform which is based on the latest research developments in educational theory and practice from Harvard University.

Guided by our high calibre, passionate teachers, students develop skills of critical thinking, problem solving, creativity and collaboration.

We aim to take students beyond the acquisition of knowledge to a deeper understanding of concepts and ideas.

To this end we promote the skills of higher-order thinking, challenging students to apply their knowledge and understanding to problems and situations previously not experienced.

Senior Studies

Students in Years 11 and 12, have the choice to develop their own pathway to academic success, either through the Higher School Certificate (HSC) or International Baccalaureate (IB).

Redlands has offered the IB for more than 30 years, longer than any other school in New South Wales.

Cocurricular Opportunities

Our academic program is complemented by a diverse and extensive range of cocurricular activities, which are designed to encourage students to explore their own talents, interests and passions.

These include a strong performing arts program with a wide range of musical ensembles, drama and musical theatre classes and performance opportunities, and an integrated ballet and dance academy, an extensive range of sporting options, including basketball, netball, hockey, football, rugby, snowsports, sailing and many more. Other opportunities abound in debating, outdoor education and service.

These programs are designed to expand social experience, encourage active contribution to the School community, and help students to develop teamwork, leadership and other vital life skills.

Our Teachers

Exceptional education requires passionate, enthusiastic and dedicated staff who value each individual student and who teach the whole person, not just the curriculum.

We seek to engage and continuously develop staff who are highly knowledgeable in their subject areas and in the art and science of teaching.

Our teachers are encouraged to focus on innovation and to bring the best educational theory and practice into the classroom.

They are strong role models for our students and convey their own passion and commitment to lifelong learning.

Our Motto

Redlands is a school in the Anglican tradition, encapsulated by our motto โ€œLet your light shineโ€. It epitomises our expectation that all students will seek to do their very best in all that they undertake, that they will pursue excellence, and that their efforts will not be simply for their own benefit but importantly for the benefit of others.

Our Community

A key feature of Redlands is our warm and inclusive school community, which welcomes new families, both local and international, with open arms. This strong sense of community and enthusiasm for the School is valued by both new families and new staff when they join our coeducational learning community.ย 

Our world needs outstanding citizens who have the skills and desire to make a difference, be that on a local, national or global level.

An education at Redlands can make this happen for your child. I invite you to explore the options today.

Mr Stephen Webber