Introducing Our
New Uniform

Based on our heritage colours of dark navy, vintage gold and white, with a signature Redlands stripe, our new uniform offers students a choice of core and optional garments that can be worn all year round from 2024.


As a leading contemporary coeducational school, Redlands has always been willing to adapt and innovate in order for our students to recognise and develop their unique potential. We sought to provide our students with a modern uniform that is stylish and comfortable and allows for individual choices.

A Stylish, Trans-seasonal Uniform

The new uniform is trans-seasonal, designed to be worn all-year round, with a choice of core and optional garments in a range of fit options to complement each students’ individual preferences, style and comfort. 

The design process which incorporated a wide breadth of expertise and experience, along with ongoing collaboration and feedback of staff, students and parents, has helped shape a uniform that will meet the needs of both current and future generations of Redlands students. 

Individual Choice

Our new uniform offers students a choice of core and optional garments that can be worn all year round.

Redlands Secondary School students modelling the new uniform outside

Secondary School: Years 7-10

Students can select either pants, shorts, a skirt or dress in a range of size and fit options. The new blazer proudly identifies students as part of our Redlands community and will be worn to and from school in Terms 2 and 3. The distinctive tie complements the uniform, especially on best dressed occasions, and is optional for everyday wear. A puffer vest, a range of knitwear options and a scarf will provide warmth in the colder months. 

Redlands Secondary School students standing outside of the Learning Hub building

Secondary School: Years 11-12

Our students’ journey culminates in Years 11-12, when they become the leaders of our School. Learning and leading together, our students share a diversity of ideas and experiences to broaden their perspectives and enhance their academic performance, whilst gaining experience of leading all genders. This leadership position of Years 11 and 12 students is recognised with a distinctive tie, skirt or dress, while retaining the same individual choice of garment options they have enjoyed during their Secondary School journey. 

Redlands Junior School students walking outside in the playground area

Junior School

Our Junior School students have the same flexible uniform options as Secondary School students, to suit their individual preferences, style and comfort, with a choice of pants, shorts, skirt or dress. Junior School students will be unified by pale blue shirts with subtle Redlands branding, which have been designed to be worn either with a tie or open necked. Ties are optional for everyday wear and essential for boys on best dressed occasions 

Redlands Preparatory School students standing outside in the playground

Preparatory and Preschool

Our Redlands House and Preparatory School students will enjoy a fit for purpose easy care uniform that best suits their age and stage of learning. The polo, dress, shorts, track pants and skort can be worn every day of the week, including PE days. A choice of long sleeve tops, a puffer vest and a scarf provide layering opportunities during the colder months. Students have the choice of signature Redlands socks or dark navy tights, to be worn with black shoes of their choice.