School Spirit Shines through Virtual Sport

School Spirit Shines through Virtual Sport thumbnail

Over the last two weeks the Redlands Sport department has rapidly transformed its sports program to incorporate innovative ways to ensure students remain engaged and inspired by the opportunities sport can provide in learning life skills while they learning remotely from home.

These include:

  • A range of daily sport specific fitness sessions through Zoom
  • Weekly online sport challenges
  • Theoretical tasks and assignments for students to complete on the tactical and technical aspects of different games, involving video and film analysis for students to view
  • A range of skills and drills videos conducted by head coaches across all sports
  • Online Yoga, strength and mobility sessions for staff and students
  • Launching a Redlands Sport podcast, interviewing a range of people from within the community as well as professional sports people on what lessons they have learned from sport.

One of the highlights was the 5km virtual Cross Country Challenge, run over the past four days through the Strava app. Obeying all social distancing requirements and government restrictions, hundreds of students, parents, and staff engaged in the running activity, logging their times and distances through Strava. Students of all abilities and ages were able to record their effort and share it with their peers. It was true demonstration of School spirit and the power of sport to keep people connected and keep people healthy at this time.