Redlands Principal Stephen Webber’s First Day at School

Redlands Principal Stephen Webber’s First Day at School thumbnail

It was not only the first day of school for 80 very excited Kindergarten students at Redlands today, it was also the first day of school for new Principal, Mr Stephen Webber.

Joining Mr Webber among the Kindergarten class of 2020 are no less than three sets of twins, who are also beginning their educational journey at the School.

Mr Webber said it was very special to share the new school year with the incoming Kindergarten class and that he looked forward to working with staff and parents throughout 2020.

“I am very much looking forward to the year ahead as Redlands Principal, and it was a delight to start my journey here along with our incoming Kindergarten students,” Mr Webber said.

“Our newest students in Kindergarten may be feeling a little nervous, however a key feature of Redlands is our warm and inclusive school community, which welcomes newcomers, like me, with open arms.

“As the new Principal, I have really felt a strong sense of community and enthusiasm from the entire Redlands community.”

The new Principal said the year ahead will be characterised by dynamic and exciting learning in an inclusive and supportive environment.

“The first day of school is an important milestone in every child’s life, as they begin to make new friends and enter a new world of learning,” Mr Webber said.

“I look forward to working with Redlands teachers and parents to ensure our students continue to have the best platform to excel.

“Our world needs outstanding citizens who have the skills and desire to make a difference, be that on a local, national or global level – today we begin another year of making this possible.

“To all our students, teachers, parents and carers, I wish you well as we embark on the new school year.”