HSC and IB Success for Redlands Class of 2019

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We congratulate the Class of 2019 for their excellent results in their Higher School Certificate and International Baccalaureate exams. 

Together, our 2019 HSC and IB students have made an exceptional contribution to the Redlands school community and their excellent results are a culmination of commitment, focus and determination, with the support of their teachers, parents and carers.

From a Year Group of 137 students in 2019, 77 students undertook the HSC and 60 students undertook the IB. Of these, Isabel Binnekamp, Jasmine Chubb, Chloe Church and Lindsay McNeil all achieved an exceptional ATAR score of 99 or more.

Isabel Binnekamp, 2019 Service Prefect, achieved an ATAR of 99.95, and plans to study Science and Medicine at University.

Chloe Church, 2019 School Captain, and Lindsay McNeil, 2019 Prefect and Dux of IB, both achieved an ATAR of 99.85.Chloe is planning a university degree in Science and Advanced Studies and Lindsay is planning to study Law and Science at university.              

Jasmine Chubb, 2019 Prefect and Captain of Swimming, achieved an ATAR of 99.60 and plans to study Law and Commerce at university.

In total, Redlands students were awarded 115 HSC Band 6s/IB Grade 7s/As.

21 HSC students were included on the HSC Honour Roll, which lists students for all round achievement, best in course and all Band 6/E4 results. 6 students were nominated for HSC Showcases for their major works – 5 students for Shape, the Design and Technology Showcase and one student for Encore, the Music Showcase.

37 IB students were awarded Grades 7/A, the highest grade in IB, and two students achieved Bilingual Diplomas, in Danish and Dutch.

We wish all students from the Class of 2019 the very best as they embark on life after school and look forward to their continued connection with Redlands as the newest members of our Alumni community.