Redlands Students Jump Rope for a Good Cause

Redlands Students Jump Rope for a Good Cause thumbnail

Redlands is thrilled to be the highest fundraising school nationally for this year’s Jump Rope for Heart, having raised $45,968 so far.

Students, parents and teachers in Redlands Preparatory and Junior Schools have been skipping to raise much needed funds during the Heart Foundation’s annual skip-a-thon. As a reward for their efforts, the Heart Foundation organised Olympian and 2018 Commonwealth Games gold medallist, Chloe Hosking, to meet the young skipping enthusiasts. Chloe Hosking, who won gold in road cycling, met with students and talked about her athletic journey.

“The School was honoured to have Chloe come and talk to the students about what it takes to become a gold medallist – they were very excited to meet her,” said Mrs Audrey Fellowes, Head of Redlands Early Childhood. “Chloe shared some wonderful insights with the students about mastering skills and showing dedication and focus.”

Redlands students have made a considerable contribution and had a lot of fun along the way learning new tricks such as the ‘double dutch’, ‘double under’, ‘pepper’ and ‘pretzel’.

But it hasn’t just been students, there has been a whole community of skippers with parents and teachers getting involved in ‘One Minute Skip Off’ challenges throughout the term. Mrs Fellowes said the initiative has encouraged students to challenge themselves and develop a greater appreciation of the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle. “The students have been skipping before school, during lunch and after school, and it has been great to see so much of our community get involved,” Mrs Fellowes said.

“Jump Rope for Heart is an important cause, but it also a way to introduce even our youngest of students to the importance of showing compassion and generosity.

“The students have really dedicated themselves – they worked hard and showed incredible persistence as they mastered these new skills.

“With two weeks to go in our fundraising, we’ll be continuing to hear the whooshing of the skipping ropes on the playground, to see how much more we can raise for the Heart Foundation.”

Jump Rope for Heart has been running for 35 years and helps to raise awareness about heart disease, which is the single leading cause of death in Australia.

Prizes Redlands received through Jump Rope for Heart will be donated to Bear Cottage in Manly.