Redlands Students Given a Callback, to be Onstage, and Deliver their Encore

Redlands Students Given a Callback, to be Onstage, and Deliver their Encore thumbnail

An incredible eight Redlands Year 12 HSC students have had their Performing Arts major works nominated for Onstage (Drama), ENCORE (Music) and Callback (Dance).

“To have so many students recognised is a wonderful testament to their work,” said Redlands Principal Dr Peter Lennox.

Zoe Mamo, Captain of Drama, has been nominated for Onstage for her witty rendition of a solo piece from Ionesco’s absurdist play The Bald Soprano.

Fellow Onstage nominee and Captain of Theatre, Greta Argyropoulos, was chosen for her dramatic monologue from Damien Ryan’s contemporary adaption of Sophocles’ Antigone.

The ENCORE nomination has been received by Redlands Captain of Small Ensembles, Oscar Wilson, for his guitar program of Rock, Latin and Jazz Fusion, including a scintillating performance of ‘Wonderful Slippery Thing’ by Guthrie Govan.

Captain of Dance Pia Hagberg, has been honoured with a triple nomination – for her Core Performance, Core Composition and Major Study Performance.

The School’s five HSC Dance students achieved a total of 10 out of a possible 14 Callback nominations. In addition to Pia’s three nominations, these also include:

  • Anna Kelly, with a triple nomination for Core Performance, Core Composition and Major Study performance
  • Ella West, with a double nomination for Core Performance and Core Composition
  • Eliza McEwan for her Core Composition
  • Elyse Thomas for her Major Study Performance.

While the final selections will not be known until November, the nomination itself is a commendation for the hard work and creativity the students have put into their HSC Major Works. 

“At Redlands, students are encouraged to achieve not only academically, but in extra-curricular areas as well, to develop confident and well-rounded students,” said Dr Lennox.

“This focus is evident in each of our nominated students who are excelling in their studies, their involvement in Performing Arts, and their leadership roles.”

Just over half of the Class of 2017 are studying the HSC, while the others studying the International Baccalaureate, with a very similar numbers of students studying HSC Drama, Dance and Music as the IB equivalent-courses.

“Of the students studying Drama, Music and Dance for their HSC, more than 30 per cent have been nominated for their respective showcases, which is outstanding,” said Dr Lennox.

“On behalf of the school I congratulate Zoe, Greta, Oscar, Pia, Anna, Ella, Eliza and Elyse on their nominations, and wish them and the rest of the Year 12 cohort all the very best in their final exams.”