Redlands Welcomes Another Coeducational Independent School

Redlands Welcomes Another Coeducational Independent School thumbnail

Redlands welcomes the announcement by Barker College that it will transition to a fully coeducational school by 2022.

Redlands was established in 1884, and this leading independent school has been coeducational for almost 40 years since 1978.

“Our experience is that coeducation provides a real world environment where both girls and boys flourish,” said Sarah McGarry, Redlands Acting Principal.

“Co-education has proven academic and leadership benefits, and promotes understanding and respect between girls and boys, both enhancing their school experience and preparing them best for life after school.

“In our view, parents on the North Shore who want to send their children to a coeducational independent school do not have enough choice, and we think it’s wonderful that Barker has joined our ranks.”

Redlands Principal Dr Peter Lennox is currently on study leave, exploring the latest research on teaching and learning, with a view to evolving the Redlands Learning Platform that has served staff and students incredibly well over the past decade. 

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