Yale Comes To Redlands

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Redlands students with global ambitions had a rare chance to meet with of one of the world’s top universities, as the Associate Director of Admissions at Yale University visited on Tuesday morning.

Ms Debra Johns met with around 70 students in Years 10-12 to give them some insight into the Ivy League school, which has twenty per cent of its students coming from more than 110 countries around the world.

“Yale hasn’t visited Sydney in a few years, so it is a real privilege for our students to have the opportunity to speak with Ms Johns in person,” said Redlands Principal, Dr Peter Lennox.

“Redlands is an Australian school with an international outlook, and we encourage our students to explore what the world has to offer them for their tertiary education.

“Nearly a quarter of our 2015 graduating class alone has gone on to study overseas, including 10 in the USA and one at Oxford University.

“Choosing to pursue higher education overseas is a challenging and exciting proposition.

“Being able to meet with admissions staff is an excellent chance to ask all those burning questions first hand, and similarly, it is a chance for the university to get to know some of the excellent Redlands candidates.

“We were excited to welcome Ms Johns and Yale to our School, and maybe soon enough we will be seeing some Redlanders dressed in Yale Blue rather Redlands Blue.”