Stem-Tastic Excitement For Redlands Junior Students

Stem-Tastic Excitement For Redlands Junior Students thumbnail

STEM is never far from the minds, boards or laptops of the Redlands community, but on Friday 11 March it went to the next level, with Year 5 and 6 girls devoting a whole day to it.

Girls4Tech™, a signature STEM program developed by MasterCard®, is a hands-on, inquiry based program that has been introduced in such countries as the US, the UK, Germany, Dubai, Argentina, Belgium, Italy and India.

Reaching more than 2200 girls so far, MasterCard employees, who serve as role models and mentors for the day, aim to inspire girls to consider pursuing STEM careers by building early foundations.

Redlands hosted the largest number of students to go through the program in one day in Australia, as part of its program to get students even more excited about STEM subjects.

Mr Ari Guha, Head of Redlands Junior School, said that it was a wonderful experience for the students who participated.

“Engagement with STEM is part of our connected curriculum, however Friday was different for the girls because of its focus on technology in areas like algorithms, digital convergence and cryptology,” he said.

“The skills developed in STEM are vital for the workplace of tomorrow – it is a national priority to encourage more young people into this critical field, and we are encouraging our girls wholeheartedly.

“At Redlands we pride ourselves on our delivery and facilitation of an exceptional STEM program, and I proudly saw how the girls thrived during Friday’s activities,” Mr Guha said.

“At the same, the boys participated in a Minecraft learning session with our Junior School e-Learning facilitator.

“We are thrilled to bring our signature STEM curriculum to the Redlands school,” says Eddie Grobler, division president, MasterCard Australasia.

“Our goal is to inspire these girls to pursue STEM education and learn about the variety of possible STEM careers.” 

“Redlands Year 12 student Zoe Thompson is a role model for all our younger students of the heights in STEM that can be reached: she is a 2015 International Science Olympiad Champion and one of the two 2016 Secondary School Captains,” added Mr Guha.

Girls4Tech is based on global math and science standards and was created by curriculum experts alongside MasterCard’s leading technologists and engineers.