Redlands House Cremorne Preschool Exceeds Quality Standards

Redlands House Cremorne Preschool Exceeds Quality Standards thumbnail

Redlands House Cremorne Preschool isn’t just celebrating the summer holidays this year, they are also celebrating having achieved the maximum possible rating on their recent ACECQA inspection. 

ACECQA, the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority assessed Redlands House Cremorne, and judged it to be deserving of Exceeding Quality Standard for every Standard of the seven Quality Areas and additionally, for every one of the 18 sub-categories. 

Redlands Principal, Dr Peter Lennox, congratulated the staff for their achievement in providing an exceptional preschool education and learning environment. 

“This is a splendid testimony to the staff’s professional practice and hard work and preparation for this searching external assessment,” said Dr Lennox. 

“It is an outstanding achievement and I especially thank Mrs Alexandra Harper, Miss Belinda Oxley and Mrs Deborah Thomas for their guidance and leadership in this process. 

“Last year our other preschool, Redlands House North Harbour, also received a perfect ranking, so the entire Redlands community is thrilled that our exceptional staff at Redlands House Cremorne have been acknowledged for the exceptional work they do.” 

Located in a renovated historic building formerly known as The Old Hall in Allister St, Redlands House Cremorne is a state-of-the-art centre that blends traditional architecture with purpose-built facilities. 

Mrs Alexandra Harper, Head of Early Childhood, said Redlands House Preschools foster children’s natural curiosity and  thirst for knowledge by supporting and encouraging them to ask questions and engage in the world around them. 

“At Redlands House Preschools we pride ourselves on our shared enthusiasm for learning, and the areas assessed really are the ones we focus on delivering for the child and their family,” said Mrs Harper. 

“We build our programs around the children’s innate wonder and curiosity about the world they live in, in order to fully prepare them for school and for the future. 

“These are the building blocks for lifelong learning, and to have had that reaffirmed by National Quality Framework is wonderful.” 

The seven areas assessed include educational program and practice; children’s health and safety; physical environment; staffing arrangements; relationships with children; collaborative partnerships with families and communities; and leadership and service management. 

Redlands House Cremorne is one of two Redlands Pre-Schools for children aged 3 to 5 years of age. The other is located at Balgowlah, on the foreshores of North Harbour Reserve.