Redlands Konica Minolta Art Prize

From its humble beginnings in the School gymnasium in 1996 to the exciting exhibition presented at the NAS gallery today, the Redlands Konica Minolta Art Prize (RKMAP) has grown to be a nationally and indeed internationally respected Prize.

In the tradition of this artist driven exhibition, this year we have Mikala Dwyer as our guest curator. Mikala, who also won the RKMAP in 2015 and is herself an internationally acclaimed artist, has brought together an exciting and eclectic mix of 22 established artists for the 2016 exhibition. These selected artists in turn have chosen an emerging artist to create a work to show alongside them thereby creating a unique format which encourages mentoring relationships between different generations of artists and a dialogue between their work.

Participating artists have no limitations on their choice of media, this creates a diverse and stimulating exhibition. The main award for established artists is the Redlands Konica Minolta Art Prize, valued at $25,000 and sponsored by Konica Minolta. The Emerging Artist Prize is valued at $10,000 and sponsored by Redlands Parent Brett Whitford. Both winning works are acquired by the School and join its now significant and valuable collection of contemporary art. This collection has become a beneficial teaching source for the Visual Arts Department and is enjoyed by the greater Redlands Community as it is viewed around the various campuses.

For any enquiries concerning the RKMAP please contact Marley Dobrzanska 9908 6484 or via email.

RKMAP Media Release and Artist Announcement

RKMAP Media Release – Established and Emerging Artists Pairing Announced