“In the Early Childhood years we have a three way partnership with parents, teachers and the student, allowing parents to bridge the gap between school and home and to become part of the learning process. We get the best out of students by listening to them and observing them. From these observations, individual and group work are planned and as they stem from the child’s interest the children are always excited and interested to participate. We support new concepts in education and encourage staff to practice new educational philosophies and ideas, ensuring best practice in education is implemented for our students.”

Jennifer Suters, Redlands House North Harbour Coordinator

“I feel the most valuable aspect of my teaching to get the best out of our young children is TIME. At Redlands House time stops for each child to explore, ponder and comment. It is a really valuable teaching tool. Our children are so eager and excited to be at Pre-School, we want to share this enthusiasm and allow them to feel like they can do anything. Young children need to feel secure, loved and supported to readily explore and learn from their environment. At Redlands the small classes, high adult/child ratio allows the children to enjoy individual care within the class groupings.”

Debbie Thomas, Redlands House North Cremorne Teacher